One would have expected that the investigation of the level of involvement that Donald Trump and company has had with the Russians would have taken much longer to get to the point where there is clear and convincing evidence that it occurred. It is probably true that no one would have expected that Donald Trump, Jr. would have tweeted his involvement to the world, but he did. So we now know that members of Trump’s entourage colluded with the Russians. What will the Republican Party do about it?

This is a critical time in our country’s history. What happens now is more important than who wins or loses an election. It is about doing what is right. It is about doing what is best for the nation and not about what is best for ones political party.

Can you imagine what Ronald Reagan would be saying now? He properly stated that the Soviet Union was the evil empire. Well, friends, just because communism in the Soviet Union collapsed does not mean that Russia is our friend. Russia under the former KGB officer, V. Putin, is just as evil as they were in the past. Now instead of being communist, they are oligarchs who seek to enrich themselves and whose interests are not with what is best for the Russian people but rather what is best for their own personal interests.

So no, my fellow Americans, it is not cool to saddle up to the Russians for what was best for Trump’s campaign. What has happened is perhaps not the literal definition of treason but it is treason never the less. These are unprecedented times when our laws might not be precise enough to have anticipated such a person as Donald Trump, but nevertheless, Trump and his minions have breached an unwritten ethical code and that is that they have planned to disrupt our political campaign for president. In fact, when this is all over, a law or two may be found to have been broken but that is really beside the point. Trump and his fellow travelers have talked to our enemy, Russia about how Russia could help to elect Donald Trump.

Now politics is a rough and tumble business, things are said and done in campaigns that definitely stretch the truth in order to win. Winning for some might be the only thing that counts. But come on, what is best for the United States has to come first and not winning at any cost.

The Republican Party has to make a choice, and the choice is really not a difficult one, the choice is whether to put the interest of the country first or just to remain silent now knowing that Russia and Donald Trump colluded to try to determine the outcome of our electoral process. The Republican Party must no longer be silent and stand for the removal of our President Donald Trump.

This whole thing is just a question of doing what is right! This has nothing to do with winning but about doing things the right way, the ethical way.

Impeachment in this case is the proper thing to do. Trump has perverted our political process. He has betrayed the American people by working with a foreign power for his own betterment.

Republicans must finally stand up for something. If they don’t they will suffer the consequences and be repudiated at the polls. And at the very least history will record this moment, history will not be kind to this Republican Party if they remain silent and let this incompetent and corrupt person continue to be President.


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